Technical Data Sheet

Description & Application

Sodium Chlorite 25% solution (NaClO2) is a water solution of pure Sodium Chlorite. It is an useful additive can be used in: Chlorine Dioxide making; also used as bleaching agent of fibre; textile; paper pulp; oil. And in drinking water and polluted water treatment; some metal surface treatment, etc.


Typical Properties

CAS NUMBER:                    7758-19-2

Chemical product:              Sodium Chlorite

Chemical Formula:              NaClO2

Molecular Weight:              90.45

Appearance:                    Light yellow transparent liquid


Assay as NaClO2:               25.0%min.;     Water:                 72-74%

NaClO3:                        0.6%max.;      NaOH:                  0.4%max.

Na2CO3                        0.3%max.;     NaCl:                   1.5%max.

Na2SO4:                         0.1%max.;     NaNO3:                  0.1%max.

As:                            0.0003%max.;  Hg:                     0.00001%max.

Pb:                            0.0001%max.;  PH:                     12.5-13.0



Sodium Chlorite 25% solution is supplied in 20/200/1,000litres plastic drum or IBC drum.

Suitable: Keep tightly closed. Keep away from combustible materials, heat, sparks, and open flame.


Transport Information:

Proper Shipping Name: Sodium chlorite (Liquid)

UN#: 1908

Class: 8

Packing Group: Packing Group III

Hazard Label: Corrosive (IATA / DOT)