Organoclay Rheological agent HV-4000  


HV-4000 is an organically modified smectite designed for variety of application as an easier dispersing rheological additive. It provides high gelling efficiency, increases the viscosity and prevents pigment setting. It is a reliable rheological additive and provides reproducible thixotropic and viscosity in solvent based system. It is very effective rheological additive to build up higher viscosity under lower shear forces.

Typical Properties

Product name:



Specific density:


Loss on Ignition (LOI):

Fineness, pass through No.200 sieve:

Particle size at complete dispersion:

Organoclay Rheological agent HV-4000

Organic derivative of bentonite

White free-flowing powder


3.0% max.



Less than 1μm


HV-4000 is supplied in 25kgs net complex paper bag or other packing as customer required. Shipping size: 1 X 20’FCL = 15mts (with pallets)


This product is suitable for solvent-based paint & coating use. Such as marine paints, core washes/foundry paints. Also used in printing inks, such as letter-press inks, rubber based inks.

Transportation information:

DOT/IATA Transportation Data: It can be shipped as common cargo by sea/ air.

Procedures for Handling:

Handle in well ventilated areas using methods which minimise dust generation .Do not allow dust to collect on surfaces, in order to prevent explosion harzards. Earth equipment in order to avoid static discharges. Ensure adequate ventilation at point of use. Use dust mask if dust levels are above the occuposure limit.


Storage in closed containers. In a dry place. Do not store near ignition sources, open flames and excessive heat. Avoid storage with non-compatible materials which may decompose on contamination with dust, e.g. peroxides.