PETROLEUM RESIN


Petroleum Resin (= C9-120-5#/7#, CAS#:68131-77-1,) is a pale yellow even granular. It was made by cold-polymerization process with nice color performance.


Typical Properties 

Product grade:                       Petroleum Resin

Softening point:                     110-120

Appearance:                           Pale yellow even granular

Color (1:1 with toluene):        5# max.

Acidity:                                  0.5mgKOH/g max.

Ash:                                       0.05%max.



Petroleum Resin is supplied in 25kgs net complex paper bag, or other packing as customer required. Shipping size: 1 X 20FCL = 14/18mts (with / without pallet)



This product is suitable for coating, paint, printing ink, adhesive, rubber additive and modified resin, etc.


Transportation information: 

DOT Transportation Data: It can be shipped as common cargo by sea.


Procedures for Handling: 

Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact with this material. Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of this material. Use this product with adequate ventilation. Keep this product from heat, sparks, or open flame. Wash hands after handling and before eating. Launder work clothes frequently.



Keep the container tightly closed and in a cool, well-ventilated place. Keep this material away from food, drink, and animal feed. Do not store this material in open or unlabeled containers. Store away from strong oxidizers.