Titanium dioxide "eighth up" after stabilization


So far this year, titanium dioxide has experienced 8 round hike. At present, domestic most sulfuric acid method of rutile and anatase titanium dioxide mainstream quotation respectively at 11500 to 13600 yuan (ton price, the same below) and 9500 ~ 10600 yuan; domestic chlorination process titanium dioxide mainstream quote 12500 to 14600 yuan.

This year, the price of titanium dioxide is mainly affected by the domestic and foreign titanium dioxide production capacity of enterprises, the supply and demand caused by the pattern of improvement. With the reform of the supply side of the titanium dioxide industry in China, the acceleration of the process of industry mergers and acquisitions, the future supply and demand of the industry is expected to further improve the industry. Benefit real estate, the recovery of the automotive industry, the future of domestic demand is expected to resume growth, exports are expected to further boost domestic demand for titanium dioxide, prices will tend to be stable in a reasonable range.

This year's eight round of price of titanium dioxide is led by leading enterprises to take the lead. With the seventh wave of price surge, the domestic price of the end of the market, the external market has come to relay. International giant has announced a $150 increase in the price of titanium dioxide in the Asia Pacific region since July 1st. Followed, July 5, domestic titanium industry in Yunfu, Lomon titanium industry, billions, Shandong dawn titanium industry will have products raised 500 ~ 800 yuan, which materializes the titanium dioxide this year's eighth round of price increases.

Currently domestic market sulfuric acid method of rutile mainstream price relatively the same period last year was basically flat, therefore, titanium dioxide market at present prices rose even, just of last year fell in the first half of the year to fix the price, the current prices are rational regression, tend to a reasonable level.

This year, the export of titanium dioxide to improve, to make up the gap in domestic demand. According to the General Administration of customs statistics show that from 1 to May, the total export volume of titanium dioxide in China reached, an increase of 24.9%. And with the improvement of the quality of domestic products, the relative reduction in imports, imports from 1 to May, the volume of imports of tons, down 14.6%.

Demand, from 1 to May, the domestic housing new construction and completion of the area growth rate of more than 18%, the area of commercial housing sales increased by 33%, 5.6% growth in vehicle production, the overall demand for the domestic market demand for the better. Due to real estate sales to the decoration of the paint market has 6 months to a year or so lag, so the second half of the year and even continued to the first half of next year titanium dioxide domestic market will not decline.

In the supply side reform, the new production capacity this year, the market price formation support.

Into July, under the influence of natural conditions, weak demand of domestic titanium dioxide market, market price much to consolidate before hike and prior to the completion of orders. Domestic enterprises ranked first in the export orders more, the overall stock will not be increased, the operating rate of about 70% of the level, the market will tend to be stable. Short term titanium dioxide Market in a narrow range of adjustment.

Titanium dioxide industry in many favorable market environment, sulfuric acid method of rutile type titanium dioxide price at around 13000 yuan will be in the second half of the market price is reasonable interval, but also conforms to the equilibrium point of the interests of their respective market chain, in line with the era characteristic of "profit", will be more advantageous to curb the irrational expansion, achieve reasonable industry to reduce production rate and inventory to match the market situation, to achieve a reasonable market environment.

Rutile titanium dioxide price hike has been calm, the market is gradually digest the reaction, the market price need to precipitate, at present to reinforce prior to hike and prior to the completion of orders. In the short term, the real single market is still looking at a single, look at the amount of a single form of payment to see the main.

Although currently on the market there are still rising in price, but real domestic demand is still not high, and in August the traditional off-season, Europe and the United States also began to peak of the holiday, or export volume decreased, the market prices is expected to become smaller and smaller, or will stop up the eighth. In the second half of the year, producers of fragmentation of possibility is bigger, much to according to the actual situation, inventory pricing, price or will fall, but fall in space will remain within the bounds of reason. Overall stabilization.