Yishi bid for paint coating system


Yishi days before coating system has acquired the automotive interior paint and coatings business joint chemical company.

"Joint coating of internal rigid thermal plastic plastic coating technology will provide for our global automotive manufacturing industry to provide customers a complete coating system," Steven Markevich, Ai Shide executive vice president, said in a statement this week. "Car manufacturers will benefit from relying on Yishi as a single car interior and exterior coating paint suppliers."

Production will continue to temporarily in Detroit, Michigan, in the vicinity of the Southfield joint coating of facilities, but in the future will gradually transition to the Yishi production facilities, but Yishi refused to production facilities when switching comment. It is reported that the new facility will be located in the Michigan Clemens mountain.

Specific terms of the transaction has not yet been disclosed.

This will mean that the United States paint will continue to invest around the ecological coating technology.

Joint coating is a manufacturer of automotive interior coatings

Yishi coating system before 2013 belongs to DuPont Co, engaged in the development of automobile industry and other coatings. Private Equity Investment Firm Carlile Group acquired a $4 billion 900 million acquisition from DuPont, followed by the listing in November 2014.